Tsukiko Amano - Hisui

22:19 ♪ Akane Ichijouji ♪ 0 Comments

You don’t have to forgive me for distancing myself Unable to put up with the constant squeaking Your way is fine I know your puffing up was just on the surface You were lying to protect your pride Let’s live mischievously, like that Which of the things I have can I bury and leave behind? If my arms were a little longer And I could carry everything I could even have worked magic And taken away all the anxiety and panic and bad feelings You fly far away, through the new door you’ve opened To a sparkling season I kept my eyes on you unwaveringly And chased after you The clever person waiting for a prize But at the end of the forked path where you set out on your journey You smile and mend my sunken heart My eyes stumble over your thin cheeks And then I look away It was me who gave up How many encounters Will be painted over with goodbyes? I’m powerless to do anything except give a small nod You fly far away, through the new door you’ve opened Changing the pain of parting into a sparkling jewel Don’t throw away all those days we spent together You disappear into a sparkling time To draw miracles

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